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"Convenient" deposit

      "Convenient" deposit

To fill up and to partially withdraw money from a contribution, without losing as a percentage, it is possible by means of a deposit "Convenient".


Deposit terms

up to 24 months


Minimum sum of an initial deposit

- 100 000 som

- 1000 US dollars


Not reduced rest

Not less than 50% of the sum of an initial deposit

Order and sum of replenishment

- Monthly
- No more than the sum of an initial deposit
- Except for 60 days before the termination of term of a deposit

Charge and payment of interest


Capitalization of percent  It isn't provided
Exclusive condition - A possibility of removal up to 50% of the initial sum of a deposit without loss of percent
- Removal of the main sum perhaps after 3 months from the date of opening of a deposit

* Possibility of release of the Elkart and Visa card for receiving percent on a contribution.

* An effective interest rate in som – from 4,6% to 10,5%
* An effective interest rate in dollars – from 1% to 3,6%


Currency 1 мес 3 мес 6 мес 9 мес 12 мес
KGS 1% 3% 5% 7% 10%
USD - - 1.5% 2% 2%

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Annual interest rate

Bonus interest rate

Money balance

Accrued interest

These calculations are approximate. Ask our staff for more accurate estimates.

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