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The new loan list from the bank

30 August 2018

Картинки по запросу кредит картинка

"Bank of Asia" offers an updated credit line under more favorable and convenient conditions for lending at reduced interest rates for almost any purpose.

Especially for you, we have made the process of filling documents considerably easier, the terms of review and processing of the loan, have developed a simple gradation:

  • fast unsecured loans
  • optimal and affordable loans
  • VIP loans

The figure in the name of the loan displays the maximum loan amount that you can get (depending on the type of loan in thousands or millions of soms).

Now with the help of the new product "Autocredit" you can buy a new car. And with a pleasant bonus - FREE car insurance at the expense of the bank, this purchase will be also more convenient.

For more detailed information on the terms of loan products, please click on the link of the type of loan you are interested in.

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