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Get VISA Cards for Free!

16 September 2019

Dear Clients,

Bank of Asia extends the “Affordable Benefit” promotion offer until October 31, 2019!

You have a great opportunity to receive VISA Classic or VISA Gold cards for free.

Everything is easy and simple! To participate in the promotional offer you need to contact any of our bank's branches, where you can open a card of the VISA international payment system with the desired Classic or Gold status.

Reference Information:

VISA international cards offer numerous opportunities for efficient and convenient planning of your trips, booking airline tickets, vehicles and hotels.

Are accepted all over the world at any points marked with the Visa logo, including ATMs, real and virtual online stores.

More detailed information on payment cards can be found on the following the link or in the bank call centre: 0 (312) 91-07-07, 0 (559) 96-77-07, 0 (706) 96-77-07, 0 (777) 96-77-07.

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