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The new chairwoman of the board of CJSC "Bank of Asia" is appointed

19 July 2017

On 13 of July National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic has approved Atakishiyeva Zemfira to a position of the chairwoman of the board of CJSC "Bank of Asia". Earlier she held a position of the vice chairwoman of the board on financial and economic direction in bank.

Her seniority is more than 36 years, from which 20 years - in the bank sphere. The last 10 years she has worked in "Bank of Asia", supervising at the same time several significant departments: Management of banking payment services, Management of payments and calculations, Department of introduction of new information technologies, Department of information technologies.

Zemfira Atakishieva is a professional of the business, has the sign of the Master of Quality and the certificate of honor of the Union of banks of Kyrgyzstan.

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