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Bank of Asia CJSC provides services of compulsory home insurance

20 September 2016

Now in "Bank of Asia" CJSC clients can insure the living accommodations in accordance with the KR Law "About compulsory home insurance against fire and natural disasters".

The compulsory insurance objects are accommodations, including their structural elements (roof, walls, foundation, windows, doors; gas, water, heating and sewer systems), finishing elements as a result of occurring and direct exposure to an insured event.

The insured events are:

1) fire, including outside the insured accommodation;

2) penetration of water as a result of lawful actions for the fire extinguishing;

3) natural disasters.

For home insurance it is necessary to provide technical specification of the accommodation to the Bank and conclude the insurance contract (insurance policy).

For additional information, contact the Bank and the State Insurance Company directly.

Official site: http://gso.kg/.

Phone number: +996 (312) 900 124.

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