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Competition on development of a new logo for Elkart

23 August 2017

The partner "Bank of Asia" CJSC "Interbank Processing Center" announces a competition for all comers of designers. A problem of a competition – to develop a new author's logo of Elkart payment service provider.

Elkart as one of elements of the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic has to symbolize a logo and also to be associated with a new stage of development of national payment service provider "Elkart". The logo can consist as of the sign symbol and an inscription to it (as in an old concept), and, for example, only of the font decision, of group of objects, the letter mark or another, illustrative, or is strict - the laconic decision to the discretion of the designer.

Important feature:

We will allow a logo in one or two colors. The logo will be widely applied by all bank sphere as, it is national payment service provider, but the one-color version of a logo is obligatory. It is necessary to remember features of system and use of a logo on cards, including different banks.

Prize fund:

1 place, the winner of a competition - 30.000 som
2 places, incentive prize - 5 000 som
3 places, incentive prize - 3 000 som

* Work on further work with a brand will also be offered the winner (conditions make a reservation separately with MPTs).

Expiration date of a competition - on September 15, 2017.

Date of the announcement of the winner - on September 30, 2017.

Jury of a competition - two professional designers (don't participate in a competition) and the management of PS "Elkart".

Reception of works on the e-mail address MPTs is konkurs@ipc.kg

On all questions to address in MPTs by ph.: (0312) 63 77 48 внутр. (129)

* The rights to use design of the winner of a competition are transferred to organizers. In case of granting on a competition of the unsatisfactory or not meeting expectation organizers of options (frankly weak or nonprofessional in respect of their performance), organizers have the right not to choose the winner of a competition.

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