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Connect to the SMS notification service!

30 August 2017

CJSC "Bank of Asia" presents to the clients convenient service — the SMS notification which will allow to obtain quickly information on all perfect operations from your VISA and ELKART payment cards. Information on any operations automatically arrives on your mobile number in the form of the SMS notice therefore you will be able always to control the money. It is an excellent way of protection against fraud.

Advantages of service:

▪ constant control behind the bank account;
▪ convenience and usability (automatic notice);
▪ the fixed commission which isn't depending on the number of the received SMS;
▪ the SMS notification is one of means of protection of your cash card. Having received this message about removal of money from your card by any other person besides you, you will be able to react in time, having quickly blocked access to your card, to be protected thereby from plunders.

How to connect service?

▪ to Approach in the nearest office of bank, to fill in the application form for connection and to sign the contract with bank.
▪ the Service will be connected within one day after signing of the contract.

Important information:

▪ don't transfer the map and a PIN code to strangers At all. The envelope with a PIN code is recommended to be destroyed at once, and to remember a PIN code.
▪ Now service the SMS notification is provided to subscribers of all mobile network operators Megacom, Beeline and O!
▪ in case of expiration of the card the service is turned off automatically.
▪ the Commission is charged off a card account at the end of every month for the month ahead.
▪ service Cost fixed also makes 35 som a month (regardless of the number of the sent SMS). For recipients of pensions and social payments for the card of our Bank service cost – it is FREE!

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