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We congratulate on the forthcoming holidays

30 August 2017

Dear clients and partners,

Accept sincere congratulations on the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic!

This holiday by right is considered a symbol of the world, firmness and love of freedom of our country. Every time this light and joyful day we remember history, we feel gratitude for our independence and responsibility for the future of Kyrgyzstan.

Today we can note that "the Bank of Asia" continues sustainable development and seeks to be the best in providing the first-class service and convenient bank decisions for each client. Within 19 years makes the feasible contribution to development of the banking sector and in general in national economy.

We want to congratulate also all on a sacred holiday Kurman айт. It is one of the most significant Muslim holidays representing the world, wellbeing, friendship, and hospitality of kyrgyzstanets.

These significant days we wish you good health, wellbeing and stability. Let the world and joy, consent and mutual understanding, prosperity and prosperity reign in your house.

With an Independence Day!

With the coming holiday Kurman айт!

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