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"Bank of Asia" - the leader in volume of the issued credits on security Guarantee fund!

6 September 2017

On September 5 for a huge contribution to development of guarantee system in the country the vice chairman of the board of CJSC "Bank of Asia" Edil Ismailov has been awarded with the certificate of honor of CJSC "Guarantee Fund". 

Following the results of eight months 2017 our bank has issued more than all credits to subjects of small and medium business among all banks of Kyrgyzstan which are provided with a guarantee of Guarantee fund.  

"Because of insufficiency of pledge a half of borrowers "Bank of Asia" can not always receive the required credit sum. It is promoted also by insufficient development of the real estate market in regions as a result of which receiving the credit for SME often appears an exigeant task. Respectively, all this doesn't contribute to the development of economy and business. Cooperation with Guarantee fund successfully solves now these problems", - Edil Ismailov has noted in the thanksgiving speech.

CJSC "Guarantee Fund" has been created on June 23, 2016 as financial institution for assistance of financing of small and medium business in Kyrgyzstan which main objective is increase in availability of financial resources to subjects of MSP by granting guarantees to businessmen at issuance of credits, contracts of leasing at insufficiency of pledge.

CJSC "Bank of Asia" since October, 2016 actively cooperates with Guarantee fund.

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