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Co-branded charitable card "It Is Easy to Help"

26 September 2017

Dear clients and partners, 

in 2016 start of the joint project of CJSC Bank of Asia with It Is Easy to Help charity foundation has taken place. The project has been aimed at release of the co-branded Elkart card "It is easy to help" thanks to which 50 som from each issued card and 30% of commission income go for treatment of cancer patients of children. That is with each perfect purchase and transaction you will be able to transfer a certain money for needs of this fund.

We ask you to support this initiative. It is possible to buy the It Is Easy to Help card in all offices of CJSC Bank of Asia.

"It is easy to help" is the charity foundation created for assistance in treatment of children by oncological diseases and supports of parents in acquisition of medicines. The fund helps families to raise funds for expensive treatment of children and supports orphanages.

Each issued card is a hand of the help by that who fights for rescue of the kid. The fund guarantees that all transferred funds will reach the addressee and will be spent for treatment (the strict reporting before bank is provided).

You will be able to receive all particulars here

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