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Team building on a mission and values of bank is carried out

2 October 2017

"To be the reliable and steady financial institution providing to people freedom and confidence in the future", - the mission of CJSC Bank of Asia.

The main values which the bank adheres are:

- happy client,
- united team,
- reliability
- development.

This year - the period of important transformation for bank when a lot of things change is strategy, positioning and in general, a development vector. 

On September 27 in the territory of the Flamingo park employees "Bank of Asia" have participated in an open session on a mission and values. Her main objective consisted in explaining and demonstrating for what new values and a mission have been developed and introduced. What they give to bank and as can influence work with clients and in usual life of employees.

During the mini-session each comer could register personally for himself each value, think over what it means for him specifically and to compare her with the value of bank. Then participants have broken into small groups where it was necessary to work in team and to visualize the chosen value in the form of a certain drawing. Employees with great interest were as much as possible involved in this process and have successfully coped with each task.

On completion of a mini-session the management of bank has summed up the results of last half-year and has shared the plans for the future. For what strategically important projects the bank heads and what it is aimed ahead at. The department of human resource management, in turn, has summed up results of an action and having treated all with tasty pizza has promised still time to arrange similar team buildings and actions.

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