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The intra bank "Autumn cup" on soccer has taken place

2 October 2017

On last days off there has taken place another annual intra bank World Cup in which employees "Bank of Asia" from all our branches have participated. Following the results of "An autumn cup-2017" the national team of football players from the Osh branch became winners of the championship.

During the game the best players of a cup have also been determined by the following nominations:

1. The best goalkeeper - Asanakunov Azamat (branch director "Kurulush") 
2. The best defender - Arunov Sanjar (the expert УБУиО Head office)
3. The best forward - Sadyrov Beksultan (the credit specialist of savings bank of "Ala-Too" of Zhalal-Abad branch)
4. The top scorer - Abdyrazak to an uul Kushtar (the cashier of savings bank "Kadamzhay" of Osh branch)
5. The best player - Abdymomunov Azamat (the lawyer of Osh branch) 

We express huge gratitude to all football players, fans, organizers of the championship and also the management of bank for continued support and financing. The soccer in bank is the key direction, and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle is included into the Bank of Asia KSO-program, being priority activity of social policy.

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