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We invite to participation in the tender for purchase of POS-terminals

9 October 2017

CJSC Bank of Asia invites the companies to participation in the tender for delivery of the terminal equipment. Offers on the tender will be considered according to their qualification, technical and financial criteria which are provided in the table below. The required information has to be full and reliable and also it is necessary to specify delivery time. 




Terms of delivery



Food type



Accumulator power

Not less than 2000 mA


Communication type



Integration to processing



The passed ADVT test in CJSC "IBC"

VISA, Elkart


Reader of cards

Chip, magnetic and contactless (CTLS)


Delivery time

No more than 45 days

(After signing of the contract)





Guarantee period

  • Full guarantee-1 year
  • Service-2 years



50 pieces


List of necessary documents:

  • Charter of the company
  • Copies of financial statements for the last three years
  • Existence of debt on a tax, to payments in Social fund and to other obligatory payments (to answer and attach supporting documents).

Also the request to attach the short summary of the company, with the indication of experience in the market of Kyrgyzstan.

Your offer has to be prepared on paper (in Russian), and is sent to the address: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Ch. Aitmatov St., 303. The participant submits all information in the white sealed envelope with a mark "Tender documents" and a company name of the participant.

Final term of tender offers till 16:00 o'clock on October "19", 2017.

Opening of tender documents is appointed at 8:30 on October "20", 2017. In GO CJSC Bank of Asia, to the address: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Ch. Aitmatov Ave., 303.

In case you were interested in the offer and there were questions, you can address to:

  • Tanskhodzhayeva M.K., to the Adviser to the Chairman of the board of CJSC Bank of Asia, ph. (312) 31-00-21
  • To Tynaliyev R.Zh., to the Head of department of "Acquiring" of UBPU CJSC Bank of Asia,
  • ph. (312) 31-00-21; honeycombs. (556) 58-78-78.

The proposals which are incorrectly issued or submitted after the specified term won't be considered.

* the representatives participating in negotiations on signing of the contract on behalf of the chosen company have to have the written power of attorney on negotiating and signing of the contract. If negotiations aren't completed with signing of the contract, then for negotiation the applicant who has received the second place will be invited.

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