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"The bank of Asia" has updated a deposit ruler

16 October 2017

For those who wants to save up and increase the capital.

Deposits on big changes!

Dear clients, 

we present to your attention the updated line of deposits. Especially for you we have developed 8 new deposits with a possibility of receiving high percent and also have considered convenient terms of placement of a contribution.

  • If it is necessary to gain the maximum income on the means, then your choice - a contribution "High percent".
  • To save up money for the necessary purchase the filled-up contribution "The growing income" best of all approaches.
  • Do you want to make investments and to draw interest at the same time for percent? For you – a contribution "Your capital".
  • To fill up and withdraw money from a contribution, without losing as a percentage, it is possible when opening a contribution "Convenient".
  • For the future of your children there is a separate, long-term contribution "Children's dreams".
  • To pensioners will be conveniently and it is very favorable to keep the savings on a contribution "Care".
  • The biggest interest rates on a contribution "Asia the VIP" - for large deposits.
  • The contribution "Flexible" will allow you to choose the term of placement of the means independently.

For your convenience to each chosen contribution in addition we suggest to open the Elkart or Visa card at your choice with a possibility of charge of percent on her.

Now to draw interest it isn't obligatory for you to come to bank, you will be able to remove them in any the next from you the ATM. Thanks to our partner banks the number of such ATMs at the moment makes over 350 of "Friendly network" across all Kyrgyzstan.

* Deposits of CJSC Bank of Asia are under reliable protection of the state according to the law of KR "About Protection of Bank Deposits (Deposits)".

In more detail you can learn about conditions and interest rates of each contribution here.

Open the contribution now, receive high percent!



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