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Launch of a new Internet-Acquiring Service

6 February 2018


Dear Clients

"Bank of Asia" is pleased to announce the launch of a new Internet-acquiring service. Now you will be able to pay for your purchase online without going outside. The service is available for all users of payment card "Elcard".

Advantages of Internet acquiring for customers:

- Security: the risk of fraud on the part of the seller is reduced, since the buyer has a proof of payment for the goods.

- Simplicity: in order to complete a purchase you need to follow three simple steps:

choose a product

go to the payment page

enter payment card details

- Convenience: there is no need for cash.

To connect the service you have to fill in an application to be able to access to the service "Internet-payments", to have a passport and payment card Elcard with you. In addition, there is no commission to pay for the connection with the service.

You can use the online acquiring service on the websites of our partners:

- Service www.ticket.kg - online purchases of ticket for movies, theaters, concerts, seminars, trainings and various events.

- Service www.bookit.kg - online purchases of air tickets for domestic and international flights. -

Service www.autoshina.kg - online store for the sale of tires, oils and batteries.

Information for businesses and legal entities

Dear entrepreneurs! We will be happy if you activate the online acquiring service for your trading network by following our. Please dial the following number +996 312 31-00-21, we are ready to provide you full information about the service.

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