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Elcard Mobile app is available for iOS users

14 February 2018

We are announcing the launch of the Elcard Mobile app for users of the iOS operating system. This app allows users to manage their card accounts through mobile phone or tablet.

Having installed ElCard Mobile you will be able to:

- view the balance of the card;

- receive mini-statements on the account (up to 10 latest transactions);

- view payment history (from the moment the card is attached to the application);

- pay for utilities;

- accomplish instant money transfers from the ElCard card to another ElCard card;

- view the map of available ATMs.

Previously, the app was formed for Android users, now Elcard Mobile is available to download from the App Store and Google Play stores.

* Pleasant news, commission for transactions in the mobile app Elсard Mobile is not withdrawn until July 2018.

Elcard Mobile is reliable, fast and convenient!

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