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Mortgage loans are loans for housing purchase or construction.

Lending conditions:

  • loan period: up to 7 years;

  • own contribution: 30% of the cost of purchased or constructed housing:

  • in the absence or insufficiency of own contribution the Bank can consider provision of an additional collateral;

  • loan security: purchased housing;

  • interest rates: in KGS - from 21% per annum.

To obtain a loan it is necessary to:

  • be registered in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic (or any other country, if non-resident), i.e. have a passport;

  • have the relevant documents on income (salary certificate, documents for business);

  • have an adequate loan security;

  • monthly income should be sufficient for monthly loan payments.


interest rates

in KGS

Amount Rate
to 0 KGS 21.00

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Annual rate

monthly payment

Total amount of payment transactions

Loan amortization schedule

Loan principal accrued interest Amount payable Outstanding loan balance

These calculations are approximate. Ask our credit experts for more accurate estimates.

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