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Loan "STANDARD-3500"

Use the loan "Standard - 3 500" from "Bank of Asia" for the development of your business.

The loan is intended for individuals and legal entities and is issued for any purpose, including:

  • Replenishment of working capital
  • Investment and Consumer Purposes

Loan amount - up to 3 500 000 soms.

Lending terms:

  • The term of the business (work experience) - at least 12 months
  • Annuity or individual payment
Loan amount (soms) 700 001-3 500 000
Loan term 3-60 months
Currency KGS USD
Rate 21%-24% 13%-16%
Rate from September 16 till October 15, 2019
 19% (KGS)
13-16% (USD)
Commission 1%
Pledge Immovable (if necessary movable property)
Collateral Spouse+ mortgagor

* The effective interest rate of a loan "Standard-3500" in soms with 23% is 28.03%

* The effective Interest rate of the "Standart-3500" loan by offer in soms with 19% is 22,86%

* The effective interest rate of the Standard-3500 loan in US dollars with 15% is 18.31%

The list of required documents for the loan

interest rates

in KGS

Amount Rate
from 700 001 to 3 500 000 KGS 21.00

in USD

Amount Rate
from 10 000 to 50 000 USD 13.00

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Annual rate

monthly payment

Total amount of payment transactions

Loan amortization schedule

Loan principal accrued interest Amount payable Outstanding loan balance

These calculations are approximate. Ask our credit experts for more accurate estimates.

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