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Historical background

"Bank of Asia" CJSC was founded on 10 February 1998 (license No.42 dated 17 November 1998) and is registered as a subject of the Free Economic Zone "Bishkek". "Bank of Asia" CJSC is one of the few banks in the Kyrgyz Republic established with 100% participation of foreign capital.

The Bank's main activity is to provide a full range of banking services: loans to legal entities and individuals, letters of credit, bank guarantees, deposits, settlement and cash services, currency transactions, money transfers, VISA and Elcart payment cards.

Today, "Bank of Asia" CJSC, as before, has a sound financial structure created by the joint efforts of professionals. With growing competition in the banking market, the Bank and its employees support a relationship of trust, having a well-deserved reputation as a reliable and honest partner. Proven reliability and stability, guarantee of confidentiality, as well as openness to dialogue and ability of employees of the Bank to make the right decisions, contribute to the growth of the customer confidence.

The employees of "Bank of Asia" CJSC are professionals in their field, who work together to achieve common goals.

At present "Bank of Asia" CJSC is active in the financial market, implementing abroad development strategy, relying on advanced banking technologies and expanding its range of banking services. For further development, the Bank is planning to introduce new banking services, expand its branch network, expand the network of correspondent relationships, as well as increase the high level of its professional activities in the market of banking services in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Bank's development strategy envisages further increase of market share, expanded range of services for all customer groups, improved electronic access channels to the Bank's services, as well as strengthened stability and increased recognition of the Bank.


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