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Foreign Exchange transactions

"Bank of Asia" CJSC provides full services for the sale, purchase of cash and non-cash foreign currency.

You can exchange cash foreign currency in any branch of the Bank at a favorable rate, as well as convert currency on the account to make payments and for other purposes.

All exchange transactions are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Rates set for cash and non-cash currency on the home page of the official website of the Bank are the rates of the Head Office of the Bank. Exchange rates of other branches may differ from the rates of the Head Office.

Exchange transactions with cash foreign currency

Foreign currency may be exchanged at any branch of the Bank at a favorable rate specified for cash currency.

Currency rates set out in the Bank's branches are used for exchange transactions of up to 2 000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). Exchange rates for exchange transactions of more than 2 000 USD may be identified by the Customer and the Bank by agreement.

Exchange transactions are carried out by the Bank upon presentation of an identity document by the Customer.


In international settlements it is necessary to buy foreign currency for payments.

For such purposes, you can convert the currency on the account and make transfer.

For the conversion you need to complete the application form in the Bank's operational departments.


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