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"Bank of Asia" offers an updated loan list under more favorable and convenient conditions for lending at reduced interest rates for almost any purpose.

Especially for you, we significantly facilitated the process of filing documents, the timing of consideration and execution of a loan.

Now you can purchase a car of your dreams with a new car loan service with one surety and no collateral.
And also a nice bonus - a FREE life or car INSURANCE FROM THE BANK`S SIDE!

Check what type of credit you most suited has become much easier. For a quick and easier understanding, the following gradation was developed:

  • fast and unsecured loans
  • optimal and affordable loans
  • individual VIP loans

The figure in the name of the loan displays the maximum loan amount that you can get in thousands of soms.

Advantages of lending to CJSC Bank of Asia:

  • Loans for any purpose
  • Availability of fast loans without collateral and without a guarantor
  • Examination and clearance in the shortest possible time
  • Flexible schedules and convenient terms of repayment
  • Absence of penalties for early repayment with prior noticeIndividual approach;
  • Reduction of the rate, if you are a regular customer and you have a positive credit history with the bank
  • Depending on the needs of the client, the bank can issue a single loan, or open a credit line.

All interest rates are annual. The effective annual interest rate is calculated individually for each loan and is specified in the contract

To get acquainted with the terms of loan products, please click on the link of the type of loan you are interested in.

*The Bank does not finance activities involving the production or trade of goods or the performance of activities that are qualified as illegal by national legislation and regulatory requirements of the Kyrgyz Republic or international conventions and treaties or are subject to withdrawal from international circulation or prohibition


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