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Emergency SMB support category 1


 50 000 – 1 000 000  KGS   



Purpose of the loan

On working capital (raw materials, supplies, stocks, goods and other resources for the functioning/resumption of entrepreneurial activity);

For operating expenses (including labor costs, rent, utility bills and others);

For investment financing (equipment, digital technologies, mitigation and adaptation in the green economy, and others).

Agriculture is not funded

Long term

until 36 months


1. Up to 250,000 SOM inclusive - third party guarantee/real estate/motor transport;

2. More than 250,000 SOM - collateral for real estate, if necessary, additional movable property, goods in circulation, fixed assets of the client.

Borrower status

Individual entrepreneurs (currently active, as well as for at least 6 months as of the date of filing an application with the Bank), working on the basis of a voluntary patent or a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur, working in accordance with the tax legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, whose annual turnover does not exceed 8 million soms.

The method of issuing a loan

It is paid to the account of the microenterprise.

Additional documents provided by the borrower

1. Completed Borrower Satisfaction Questionnaire (Appendix No. 1);

2. Completed Application form for registration of returnable financial assistance (VFP);

3. A valid voluntary patent, or a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur or other documents from state bodies confirming the conduct of entrepreneurial activity, in case of loss of the originals;

4. Documents confirming payments related to the tax regime and social insurance (any 6 months before the application is submitted);

5. A document confirming exemption from payment or absence of arrears on taxes and social insurance.


Other commission for servicing the loan of Bank of Asia CJSC.pdf


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