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Salary project

The Salary project of  "Bank of Asia" CJSC includes the issuance of cards of payment systems Elcart and VISA.

Benefits for the Organizations:

  • transfer of salaries/wages to a payroll card account that significantly reduces the work of accounting departments and office;
  • the use of payment cards to withdraw salaries/wages at an ATM and cash dispenser (CD) reduces costs of the organization and solves the problem of receiving, transporting and depositing of cash;
  • payment confidentiality;
  • reduction in risks of receiving and depositing of cash;
  • timely payment of salaries/wages to employees who are on long business trips or outside the office. 

Benefits for employees of organizations:

  • reduction in calculation time;
  • no inconveniences associated with the need to have cash and large amounts of money to pay for goods and services;
  • the possibility of obtaining the card on favorable terms;
  • the ability to generate revenue by receiving an interest on the account;
  • the card holder does not depend on the day and time of payment of salaries/wages. He can get the required cash amount of money at an ATM or cash points of the payment system.  


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