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Success stories

Amankojoev Mirbek

Director of the Center Branch 

I came to the "Bank of Asia" CJSC as a trainee. I saw how dynamically and successfully the Bank developed. It inspired me to work hard, and that allowed me to get a permanent position in the company. To achieve success in the Bank the following qualities were helpful to me: persistence, patience, amiability, communication skills, purposefulness. I love my work, I try to be more patient and constantly deepen the knowledge.

Kim Alexandr

Head of the Payment Products Issuance Department of the Banking Payment Services Department

I came to the "Bank of Asia" CJSC in 2009. During my years of work in the Bank, I have seen excellent management and qualified and friendly personnel. I am glad that I was able to build a strong relationship with colleagues and supervisors. It greatly helped me with my work, as well as to receive wide experience. I worked in several departments, which allowed me to remain a useful and needed employee in the Bank.

Musilinova Nurjana

Regional coordinator

One of my supervisors said: "To be a good manager, at first you need to become a good executor". After practical training, I chose the "Bank of Asia" CJSC as a place for my full time work in the position of credit specialist. Having achieved a particular goal in my career, I chose a new goal and tried to reach it. My persistence and assistance of the experienced colleagues, the aspiration to learn more and support of the Bank management, who appreciate me and my work, helped me with this.

Djumaliev Nurgazy

Head of the Treasury Department 

I worked in such departments of the "Bank of Asia" CJSC as fast money transfers, currency and treasury. My aim was to become a real professional. Thanks to my persistence, ability of easy learning, support of the management, I became the leading specialist. In my work I am guided by the principle: "Choosing a purpose, aim higher, not afraid to get the stars".

Ryskulova Aynura

Head of the Payments and Settlements Department 

After finishing university, I wanted to get a job in the Bank for using the acquired knowledge, ideas, increasing my efficiency and successful career development. My main goal in the "Bank of Asia" CJSC was to raise and develop together with the Bank. In my activity I always tried to show initiative, not to evade duties, be sociable and work in the team. It seems to me that the real success comes to those choosing a purpose inapproachable at first sight.


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