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Bank employees ranked first in the game "Senti" Quiz night "

25 January 2019

"Bank of Asia" ranked first in the Quiz Night game on the theme “Stock Market Mysteries” organized by the financial company Senti in honor of its birthday, which took place on January 24th.

The goal of the game is to promote the stock market and increase financial literacy in Kyrgyzstan.

The game was attended by 11 teams from different companies.

"Last year we also took part in the intellectual game" Senti "and took the third place. We really liked this game then. This year we decided to participate again. The questions were complex and the opportunity to learn some information from additional sources on the rules of the game it was forbidden, but this only spurred our interest, and the desire to win increased. We were guided only by our knowledge and experience.

This year, the "Bank of Asia" team won the long-awaited first place. The "Bank of Asia" team is very pleased and grateful to the organizers for such an informative and exciting game, ”said Alexander Sdelnikov, one of the team players.

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