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The results of the campaign "Collecting books" in the framework of the project # Reading Country

4 June 2019

On June 3, Bank of Asia employees handed over books to the Chui Boarding School, which were collected on the Book Collecting Campaign in the framework of the project #readingcountry.

In September last year, we announced the start of this campaign to collect books in which every interested person could bring books to any of the 24 branches of our bank.

Thanks to you, our customers, we were able to collect 200 books (textbooks and fiction) and donate to one of the schools in the Chui region. Thanks to all not indifferent people for your support! Together we can reach our goal - Reading Kyrgyzstan!

Reference information:

The #readingcountry is one of the social projects of the bank. The concept, which aims to help develop education in the country, increase the reading culture among adults, introduce the younger generation to books, promote literacy and reduce excitement to the topic of social networks, as well as arouse genuine interest in reading educational, professional and artistic literature.

More information about the campaign "Collecting books", you can find here.

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