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Celebrating the Day of the state language

24 September 2019

On September 23rd, a celebratory meeting of the talking club “Bal Til” dedicated to the Day of the State Language was held at the Bank of Asia. Club members, bank employees together with international organizations SOROS and NABU Kyrgyzstan made interesting reports and presentations.

The event was opened by the representative of the National Commission on the State Language Munduzbek Abdyjapar uulu.

He thanked the organizers for their contribution to the development of the state language.

At the meeting, the participants presented their presentations, discussed the latest innovations in the Kyrgyz language, and played the exciting game “Soz Sandyk”. Bank of Asia shared its Reading Country project, SOROS Kyrgyzstan released a Kyrgyz-Russian-English dictionary and talked about supporting the publishing of works by C. Aitmatov. Representatives of NABU presented reports on the conservation of leopards and biodiversity of Kyrgyzstan in the state language, club members read their own poems.

No one left without a gift. Following the results of the game “Soz Sandyk”, the partners handed the winners Kyrgyz-Russian-English dictionaries, holiday cards, books and educational discs for all participants.

We also remind you that a week before the celebration of the state language, Bank of Asia CJSC launched a special challenge #говоримнакыргызском #кыргызчасүйлөйбүз

Until the end of 2019, everyone can take part in it.

What should be done?

1. Make a video up to 1 minute, where you read excerpts from your favorite works in Kyrgyz.
2. Indicate the following hashtags: #говоримнакыргызском #кыргызчасүйлөйбүз #банказии
3. Mark three friends and pass the baton on.

We urge you to support our challenge and together develop the state language of our country!

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