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Joint programming course with AUCA DevCIT has started

30 September 2019

On September 27, a 9-month training course for preparing C# programmers has started at the AUCA DevCIT training center. This course "Programming in C#/ASP.NET" was conceived as a joint project of AUCA and Bank of Asia last summer.

In August, recruitment began, and at the end of September 23 students: young boys and girls from different regions of Kyrgyzstan began their training. Participate in the project did not require specific knowledge, only basic computer literacy and well-developed logical thinking. Among the students of the course there are two talented children from the orphanage "Meerim bulagi". As part of the corporate social responsibility to support education, the Bank provided two free places for these children to study this course.

The teacher of the training program is the chief programmer of "Bank of Asia" Myktybek Absatar uulu with 7 years of experience and skills of development and introduction of various services and databases. His projects include Bank payment systems, Visa card replenishment via terminals, various plug-ins and modules for websites. Moreover, Myktybek perfectly knows MySQL, and also languages C#, PHP and Java.

"The main purpose of this course is to give everyone the opportunity to become a popular and professional specialist. That is why we together with Bank of Asia do not just train children, but employ the best graduates in the Bank immediately after training, continuously helping to develop in a new specialty," said Vitaliya Shutova, head of the DevCIT training center at AUCA.

Member of the Board of JSC "Bank of Asia" Medet Tairov wished the children success in their studies, to master a difficult programming language and become one of the best in the IT-market of the country. "In the process of training, the students will work on practical cases, because the curriculum itself is maximally adapted to the real process of project development in the Bank, and the best graduates will get an internship and a job," Tairov concluded.

* Background: C# is one of the most popular development languages, which has many advantages and nice features. You can write programs, mobile and web applications for most existing platforms in this language. This language is well organized, it has a huge number of tools for diagnosing and editing code, and .NET libraries allow you to solve complex tasks and routine operations.

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