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We are 24 years old!

17 November 2022

Dear clients and partners! 

24 years ago, our "Bank of Asia" was established, which still works steadily and effectively, confidently occupying its niche in the banking market of Kyrgyzstan. Over the years, a team of like-minded people has been created, which daily achieves new successes and heights, implements bold ideas, improves and develops. Today, together, we are implementing the best corporate governance practices, ensuring the growth of operational and financial activities.

We can do all this thanks to your trust, friendly support of the Bank's clients and partners, shareholders ' faith in us, and the experience and enthusiasm of the Bank's favorite team. We are ready to move forward, to conquer new heights, to continue to support our clients ' steps on their way to achieving their goals.

We have a long road of development and stability ahead of us!

Thank you for being with us!

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