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Bank of Asia CJSC together with its partners held the "Bank of Asia Fin Olimp" Olympiad

30 March 2021

Last week, a large – scale project-the All-Republican Financial Olympiad "Bank of Asia Finolimp", which was held as part of Global Money Week, was completed.

This is the first Olympiad in economics and finance among students and young professionals up to 23 years old, organized by the bank, the PRO KG Club of Professionals and the Foundation for Educational Initiatives. The Finolimp Bank of Asia is held for the second time, and each time it is scaled up, which may not be good. The Olympiad was divided into three rounds: the first and second – online testing, the final round - solving specialized cases in finance, marketing and accounting.

On March 28, the final of the Olympiad was held, which included 76 participants out of 500. The finalists were divided into teams and worked on cases, which resulted in the winners being determined. The winning teams received 25,000 soms each, memorable prizes from partners and certificates. But the most important thing is, first of all, invaluable experience, new knowledge and an excellent opportunity to complete an internship. We want to note that all the finalists are great fellows! After all, they did a great job and went all the way to the end.

Our bank will continue to support this project, which contributes to the formation of a well-rounded youth of a new generation, designed to solve the economic and social problems of society. "We are only happy to invest in educated young people, identify and promote their employment and internships in the leading companies of the country. It's nice to know that there are a lot of curious and talented young people in the country. After all, thanks to them, Kyrgyzstan will" go "forward to development and prosperity," said Medet Maratovich Tairov, a member of the Management Board of Bank of Asia CJSC.

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