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Beware: scammers!

4 May 2021

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that cases of investment fraud have become more frequent recently. Fraudsters from other countries-false investors, under the pretext of investing, offer to invest in a joint business, send fake documents about making a transfer and offer to transfer part of the funds to start the project already.

In the process of negotiations, the scammers report the need to ask for funds to be transferred through other money transfer systems other than the SWIFT system. The inability of a large foreign bank to send a transfer using the SWIFT system should already arouse suspicion. After all, the disconnection of a financial and credit institution from the system may indicate the problems of this bank in the field of countering the financing of terrorist activities and the legalization of criminal proceeds, or violations of banking activities and fraud.

Be careful and take care of yourself! 

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