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The ceremony of the start of trading of the first Gender bonds took place

18 November 2022

Today, on November 18, the ceremony of the start of trading of the first Gender bonds of Bank of Asia CJSC took place at the Novotel hotel. The partners of the Bank of Asia were: Institute for Economic Policy Research of the Kyrgyz Republic, UN-Women, Center for Green Finance AIFC Green Finance Center Ltd., "Kyrgyz Stock Exchange" CJSC, LLC Financial Company "Senti"

At the beginning of the ceremony, the guests were warmly welcomed by Nazira Beishenalieva, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Bank of Asia CJSC. She told about the idea of issuing Gender Bonds, and noted that it is a reputational project which important for the bank and for the entire banking sector of Kyrgyzstan. "We would not have been able to implement this project without the support of government agencies, the business sector, and the donor community. Currently, we will see how ready we are to support our women entrepreneurs. I believe that all the best conditions should be created for our women," she said.

In his welcoming speech, Almaz Isanov, Head of the Political and Economic Research Department, noted that the development of the gender economy will improve the lives of citizens. "This event is an indicator that we have finally moved from basic words to action. We must create better conditions for women. It is to improve all areas of our life. This is confirmed by research. For example, in Japan, it has been proven that the gender economy has a great influence on the longevity of citizens. We need to change the values of society. I believe that the gender economy is what will distinguish Kyrgyzstan in the future," he noted.

The guests were also welcomed by the representative of the UN Women structure in Kyrgyzstan Ulziysuren Zhamsran. She noted that for the first time in Central Asia, the Kyrgyz Republic is launching a project that is being implemented at such a high level in partnership with the government, the private sector and international organizations.

The guests of the ceremony were also welcomed by Nagima Ayupova, Deputy Managing Director of AIFC Green Finance Centre Ltd, Medet Nazaraliev, President of Kyrgyz Stock Exchange CJSC.

Director of the financial company "Senti" Meerim Askarbekova launched the challenge "I am a responsible investor".

The presentation of the gender bond issue project was held by the Chairman of the Management Board of Bank of Asia CJSC Zemfira Atakishieva.

The start of trading on the stock exchange was announced by the gong strike, which was made by Nazira Beishenalieva. 82,000 shares were put up for public auction at a nominal value of 1,000 SOM bonds. The circulation period is 3 years, and the issue volume will be 82,000,000 soms. In the first minutes of the sale, applications were submitted for 20% of the shares. Among the first applicants are the Accumulative Pension Fund of Kyrgyzstan, shareholder of the Bank of Asia Lee Jong Bek, CEO of World Class Bishkek Nadira Kasymova, insurance company Jubilee Kyrgyzstan, businessman Zhumabek Salymbekov.

It should be noted that the Bank of Asia will become the first issuing bank of social gender bonds, whose program will be aimed at developing the business of women entrepreneurs, improving the well-being and life of women, achieving gender equality, and empowering women.

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