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Mobile Banking

Mobile banking "Asia Online" is a convenient and functional mobile application of the Bank of Asia, which will allow you to manage your bank account and payment cards 24/7.

"Asia Online" application will allow:

  • Transfers between your accounts and cards inside the Bank of Asia CJSC;
  • Transfers to accounts of other clients within the Bank and other banks across the country;
  • Payment of utilities, mobile communications, Internet and fines;Viewing a detailed account statement;
  • Purchase/sale of foreign currency;Information about the branch network and ATMs.

The Bank of Asia uses advanced security technologies, and authorization in the mobile application is provided by Touch ID, Face ID or PIN.

Steps to connect the app:

  • Read the offer for mobile banking connection
  • Download the "Asia Online" app in the Play Market or in the App Store;
  • Go to the bank branch for authorization;
  • Enter the authorization data and immediately change the password (since a temporary password will be sent to the phone number during registration)

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