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Bank payment cards

Bank payment cards - a payment instrument to provide a package of banking services to the population.

An instrument that makes it possible to carry out operations for purchasing goods and services, receiving cash through the ATMs and terminals network, accumulate funds to generate additional income in the form of interest on the balance, or obtain a term loan in the form of an overdraft.


  • pay for goods and services with no commission for not being in possession of cash;
  • use a wide network of cash points at any time;
  • keep and accumulate the funds with interest accrual;
  • receive salary, pension and other kinds of payments on time and without queuing;
  • obtain additional services through cards:
  1. money transfer from one card to another using ATM;
  2. replenishment of card balance using payment terminals.
  • issue of additional cards to your card account;
  • SMS notification:
    • when crediting money to the card;
    • when debiting money from the card;
    • new products’ notifications and bank promotions


  • use of the card for payments guarantees their infallibility;
  • bank card with the maximum level of protection is insured against fraud;
  • in the case of loss or theft of the card, you can block the card by phone.


Interbank Processing Center: +996 (312) 637696; +996 (312) 664325 (round the clock)
Call-center of the bank: +996 (312) 910707; +996 (559) 967707; +996 (777) 967707; +996 (706) 967707 (08AM-09:00PM)

Reception of the head office of the bank: +996 (312) 550001 (on weekdays, 08: 30-17:30)

Management of bank payment services: +996 (312) 310021 (on weekdays, 08: 30-17: 30), +996 (708) 310021 


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