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It is not just convenient payment tool, but the whole range of special offers on the international VISA payment cards from CJSC "Bank of Asia" to worldwide.

VISA card – your reliable satellite accompanying you both on business trips, and on travel. You have an opportunity to refill card balance of VISA by means of the system of the money trunsfers Сontact and an app Elcart Mobile. The international VISA cards open before you numerous opportunities for effective and convenient planning of your trip, booking of air tickets, a car and hotels.

The international VISA card is accepted everywhere where the VISA system - online works. CJSC "Bank of Asia" provides cards of two types VISA Classic and VISA Gold.

Servicing VISA cards at “Friendly Network” ATMs

For your convenience and time saving, our bank has signed a partnership agreement on the creation of a “Friendly Network” with 8 banks: KIKB CJSC, Ayil Bank OJSC, Dos-Kredobank OJSC, Bakay Bank OJSC, FinanceCreditBank KAB OJSC, CJSC “BTA Bank” and OJSC “Capital Bank”.

Within the “Friendly Network” of these partner banks, our clients are serviced with Bank of Asia CJSC tariffs.

  • The number of ATMs – 334
  • The number of POS-terminals – 333


At loss or plunder of the card, you can block the card one call on the following phone numbers:

Interbank processing center: +996 (312) 637696; +996 (312) 664325 (round the clock)

Call-center of bank: +996 (312) 910707 (round the clock)

Reception of head office of bank: +996 (312) 550001 - fax (on weekdays, 08:30-17:30)

Management of banking payment services: +996 (312) 310021, 0 (708) 310021 (on weekdays, 08:30-17:30)


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