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Internet banking

Internet banking is a remote banking program that provides you with a modern, reliable and secure way to manage accounts 24/7. Only a computer with Internet access is required for comprehensive work

The possibilities of Internet banking allow carrying out the majority of banking operations at a convenient time from any location (except for card transactions):

  • carry out intra-and inter-bank payments;
  • convert currency;
  • view the story of account movements;
  • payments in foreign currency

Connecting to Internet banking

To use the "Internet Banking" service you need:

  • have an account with "Bank of Asia" CJSC;
  • fill out an application for the use of the "Internet Banking" service;
  • enter into a contract of banking services through the "Internet Banking" system;
  • obtain PIN envelope with password and login.

Log in to the Internet Banking system is performed by entering a Login, Password and an SMS code. In order to increase the security level of the system, the entrance to the "full mode" of the “Internet Banking” is done through entering a one-time SMS code. A single SMS code is sent to a phone number or email of the client specified in the application for connection of the "Internet Banking".

A single SMS code is sent to the phone numbers of all mobile operators in Kyrgyzstan (MegaCom, Beeline and O!).

For users abroad, logging in to the system can be accomplished by receiving an SMS code to an e-mail.

The subscription is free

Log in to the Internet Banking system


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