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Money transfers

"Bank of Asia" CJSC provides an opportunity to transfer money anywhere in the world, quickly and inexpensively, via systems of money transfers without opening a bank account.

You can send money by contacting any branch of the Bank. The Bank staff will help you choose the best tariff including the transfer speed.

The service is very simple and easy.

To send/transfer payments:

When sending When receiving
1.Show an identity document (passport); 1.Show an identity document (passport);
2.Indicate last name, first name and middle name of the recipient 2.Report the transfer control number, amount and currency
3.Report the recipient’s country and city 3.Report remittance system via which the funds were sent
4.Get the transfer control number. Report the transfer control number, amount, currency and address of the payment point to the recipient (the employee of our Bank will tell optionally the address where you can receive a transfer) 4.Get money

Note: If you transfer money from foreign countries, the commission may differ from the standard commission.


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