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International transfers

"Bank of Asia" CJSC offers another convenient way to send remittances - via international inter-bank SWIFT system with transfer of money to the accounts of any foreign banks from your bank account.

For making a transfer you need to open an account with "Bank of Asia" CJSC, replenish an account, pay the transfer commission according to the tariffs, provide details of the beneficiary as well documents confirming the reason for payment.

For getting a transfer you should contact the office of "Bank of Asia" CJSC where you have an account, submit the documents confirming the reason for payment, pay a fee for settlement and cash services according to the tariffs and receive cash.



  • Coverage - worldwide
  • Currency - RUB, USD, EUR, KZT, CHF, CNY, JPY, GBP.
  • Commission is indicated in the "Тariffs" page 
  • Delivery time - from 2 days
  • Type of system - from one account to another


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