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Board of Directors

Dear customers and partners,

The Board of Directors of  "Bank of Asia" CJSC  welcomes you!

The Board of Directors is one of the most important elements of the corporate governance system of the "Bank of Asia" СJSC and is responsible for general management of the Bank. In its work, the Board of Directors is guided by the interests of the Bank's clients and shareholders.

The key responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to take part in the elaboration and adoption of the Bank's development strategy, form the executive bodies of the Bank and control their activities, organize the evaluation of the internal control system performance and risk management, define the Bank's HR policy and participate in the development of decisions on the Bank management.

Priority areas of activity of the Board of Directors of "Bank of Asia" CJSC include continuing the implementation of international corporate governance practices, ensuring the growth of the operating and financial performance of the bank, setting targets for the bank's activities in the long term and defining the development strategy for mutually beneficial cooperation that protects the interests of customers and shareholders of the bank.

Meeting these tasks is based on the valuable experience of independent directors in the various fields of activity. We know that the experience of the members of the Board of Directors, as well as our joint efforts with the Bank's team, will allow  "Bank of Asia" CJSC to successfully go through economic difficulties and fulfill all tasks.

We are not resting on our laurels. Much remains to be done in the near future. We are looking for solutions that will allow us to be more stable and reliable in any economic situation.

We look to the future and direct our knowledge, expertise and energy to the implementation of the mission and objectives of the bank.

We would like to thank all our employees for their efforts in providing quality services to customers, we express our gratitude to our customers for choosing our bank, and we thank our shareholders and partners for the trust and support that they provide to us.

Beishenalieva Nazira
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Lee Jong Baek 
Member of the Board of Directors

Niyzov Ermek Turgunbekovich
Member of the Board of Directors

Zhantaeva Aizhan Zhumabekovna
Member of the Board of Directors

Mederov Daniyar Sultanovich
Member of the Board of Directors

Omoev Timur
Member of the Board of Directors

Bubeyev Mukhtar Saparalievich
Member of the Board of Directors


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