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Renting of Safety boxes

It is more convenient and safer to store documents and valuables in safe deposit boxes of  "Bank of Asia" CJSC.

An issue of storing documents and valuables has always been acute for the population of the world. To date, this issue is solved quickly and easily. With the introduction of new technologies there have been invented individual safe deposit boxes with combination locks. We also suggest you take advantage of convenient and reliable boxes.

Why exactly our safe deposit boxes:


  • boxes of all sizes, from small to large (small - 35×25×8, middle - 35×25×18; 35-25-28; 35-25-38; large - 35×25×47.5);
  • only you and the persons to whom you have issued power of attorney may have access to the box;
  • you can visit the safe deposit box as often as you wish, during working hours of the Bank;
  • values ​​are under reliable protection of the Bank's Security Service for 24 hours;
  • values in the Bank's safe deposit boxes are protected from fire;
  • possibility to rent a safe deposit box at any time - from 1 day to 1 year (if necessary, you can easily prolong or terminate the rental agreement);

Tariffs branch center.pdf

Tariffs Kyiv branch.pdf


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