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Mission and values

Being a reliable and stable financial institution, providing people freedom and confidence in the future.

The  "Bank of Asia" CJSC mission is to serve; it is the reason for its existence, in addition to making money. This mission forms the values ​​and principles of business, reflects the goal of the Bank and its positioning. The main thing for the "Bank of Asia" CJSC is to help clients and nurture leaders who can manage their capacity to fulfill the company's mission.

Cohesive team

A key asset of the "Bank of Asia" CJSC is a team in which every employee is a person that is responsible for his/her work. The Bank is encourages every employee to feel like a leader, able to grow and develop the company.

The Bank's objective is not only to form an effective and cohesive team, but also to create a corporate culture, the purpose of which is to support the growth of leaders, their talents and successes, allowing achievment of the ambitious goals the Bank has set for itself. Relationships in the Bank's team are based on trust, honesty, openness and support.

Employees of the CJSC "Bank of Asia" treat each other with respect, take into account the opinions of each other and interact to carry out the company's mission.

Happy Сustomer

All Bank`s activities are aimed at accomplishing the mission. The Bank wants to make sure that the customer, having chosen the "Bank of Asia" CJSC, does not change his/her opinion in the future, is convinced that the best and highest quality service he/she will get is in the "Bank of Asia" CJSC.

The Bank staff is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service and the degree of loyalty to the Bank by deep study and understanding of the needs and wishes of customers.

Sustainable development

The primary vision of the "Bank of Asia" CJSC was to join the ranks of the best banks in Kyrgyzstan, build assets, have a well-developed infrastructure, effective internal control, a positive image and a strong cohesive team.

To date, the "Bank of Asia" CJSC achieved all of these objectives. The next priority for the Bank is to strengthen and develop through technological integration and modernization. In addition, the Bank is active in the creation of a healthy ecosystem for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, promotion of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development of the Bank. All of the above will allow the Bank to consistently achieve high results.


One of the components of the Bank's mission is reliability, which allows the Bank to become an institution one can rely on and trust.

The "Bank of Asia" CJSC fulfills its obligations to customers and provides open information on its overall state, creditworthiness and solvency. In order to be ready to protect the interests of its customers, the "Bank of Asia" CJSC closely monitors emerging risks due to political changes and economic factors.


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