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Tender for the software purchase

16 October 2023

We bring to your attention an invitation to tender for the software purchase.

General Information

Bank of Asia CJSC invites your company to participate in the tender for software purchase

Specification of components is given in Appendix No.1.


Tender terms and conditions and procedure of interaction

It is anticipated that the tender will consist of two stages.

Stage 1 - includes sending out of this invitation, collection of written confirmations of intention to participate in the tender, initial analysis of the proposal by the supplier companies and collection of written comments on the proposal, price information and estimated timeframes of works and their analysis by the bank and project consultants.

Stage 2 - in the process of analyzing the information obtained at the previous stage, the companies that have proposed the best solutions will be selected and a contract for the supply of components will be concluded with them.



Participants should confirm in writing their intention to participate in the tender within five working days by fax +996(312)550182 or by e-mail. Proposals from participants are accepted in a sealed envelope to the address: 303 Chyngyz Aitmatov ave., Bishkek 720016, Kyrgyz Republic (FEZ Bishkek).

Participants should provide:

-  sealed copy of the company's Articles of Association (Charter) and copy of the Certificate of Registration/Re-registration with the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic or its territorial body;

- a copy of financial statements for the last three years certified by the seal of the organization;

- duly certified copy of the decision of the competent governing bodies of the bidder (in accordance with the Articles of Association (Charter) and requirements of the applicable laws) on the appointment of a person authorized to act on its behalf without power of attorney;

- in case of major transactions, the decision of the authorized body on making such a transaction;

- certified copies of documents confirming the special legal capacity of the bidder (license; permit; certificate of admission to perform certain works, etc.);

- a certificate of absence of tax arrears and payments to the Social Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic for the last reporting period (for a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur);

- a short resume of the company with indication of work experience in the Kyrgyz Republic market;

- positive feedback from the company's clients (if any).


It is obligatory to use the vendor's official delivery channel to the Kyrgyz Republic and provide a document confirming this in the envelope (e.g. MAF (MANUFACTURER'S AUTHORIZATION FORM)).

The deadline for receipt of bids from bidders is 31 October 2023 at 16:00.


Contact Details

In case you need additional information on all issues related to the procedure of this tender, as well as on the functional and technical requirements, please contact the specialists of the IT department at e-mail addresses:

k.tarasov@bankasia.kg , bankasia@bankasia.kg or by tel.: +(996)312-554780, +(996)312-554775



This invitation to tender, the attached description of the functional and technical requirements for the equipment and components to be procured, and other materials are strictly confidential and must not be made available in any form to third parties who are not directly involved in the preparation of your quotation.

In addition, it is prohibited to inform any third party in any way about the Bank's intentions regarding the selection of equipment and components, as well as to disseminate any information provided by the Bank in connection with this project. The information provided shall also be kept strictly confidential in its preparation and transmission to the Bank, but the Bank reserves the right to use the information provided and to distribute it to independent consultants or others as it sees fit without notifying you of these facts.


Appendix No. 1

Equipment specification


Lot No. 1 - Microsoft Software









SQL Server 2022 Enterprise Core – 2 Core License Pack





SharePoint Plan1 User license for 10 users






SharePoint Online XtStg 9000 Gb license




All products must be through the vendor's official supply channel.


The bidders' offers must necessarily specify the delivery period for each lot.


In case of contract conclusion with the Vendor, the Vendor undertakes to provide the Buyer with an electronic invoice.

more purchase order


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