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Bank of Asia CJSC will increase its authorized capital up to 1.2 million KGS

1 April 2024

Bank of Asia CJSC will increase its authorized capital by 200 million KGS. It is said in the agency's message. The decision to increase the capital was made by shareholders at the annual general meeting held on 15 March 2024. Thus, the authorized capital of Bank of Asia CJSC will amount to 1.2 billion KGS. It is noted that at the end of 2023, the net profit of the bank amounted to 405 million KGS, the bank's assets of 9.946 million KGS.


About the Bank: Bank of Asia CJSC was established on 17 November 1998 and is one of the largest banks in Kyrgyzstan. The bank was formed with 100% capital of a large Korean company SAS. For 25 years the bank has been successfully meeting the financial needs of the population by providing a wide range of services, including lending, deposit opening, cash and settlement services and money transfers. A network of 30 offices across the country ensures accessibility of services for clients. The bank's loan portfolio currently amounts to more than 5.2 billion KGS, which demonstrates the bank's significant contribution to the country's economic development. 

The bank actively supports social initiatives, especially in education and sports, as well as initiatives aimed at supporting women's entrepreneurship. In particular, in 2022, Bank of Asia, in collaboration with partners such as UN Women, GFC, KFB and Senti, issued the first gender bonds in Kyrgyzstan, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development.

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