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Direct Debit

Each of us was faced with the problem of payment for services of housing and communal services (HCS). Untimely paid account, standing lines near cash desks; as a result you are left without light, gas, water. To solve this problem, CJSC "Bank of Asia" found a simple, modern and comfortable solution. "Direct Debit".

A project that allows you to pay without any problems all the accounts of housing and communal services and not only. Payment exactly on time is made by transfer from your account to the account of housing and communal services. For this you need:

• open a bank account

• sign an agreement with the Bank on making payments by "direct debiting"

• write a statement in the housing and communal services

 You can fully appreciate the advantages of this project:

• Lack of financial debt to housing and communal services

• Payment of all kinds• Control of expenses for utility services

• After paying bills, each client will receive an extract with all payments made

• Saving your time and energy

If suddenly there was no money in your account for paying bills, the Bank offers you a loan service OVERDRAFT. And you can always pay bills.

 "Direct Debit" is your reliable and versatile helper!


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