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Regulation on the procedure for consideration of consumer complaints

I. General provisions

1.1. This Regulation on the Procedure for Consideration of Consumer Complaints by Bank of Asia CJSC (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation) has been developed in accordance with the NBKR Regulation "On Minimum Requirements for the Procedure for Providing Financial Services and Consideration of Consumer Complaints".

1.2. The main purpose of the Regulation is to form a system in the Bank aimed at maintaining effective relations with the Bank's customers in order to improve the level of service, analyze, evaluate the quality of service and the degree of customer satisfaction, improve the quality of banking products, as well as prevent complaints.

II. Feedback channels

2.1. The Consumer can contact the Bank through a number of feedback channels:

  • A letter sent by regular mail with the sender's address and his contact details to the address Bishkek, Aitmatov Ave., 303, Bank of Asia CJSC;
  • A letter filled out through the bank's website in the "Feedback" section ;
  • A letter sent to an e-mail box at: [email protected];
  • Phone call to the Call Center by number: (0312) 91-07-07/ 0559 96 77 07/0706 96 77 07/0777 96 77 07;
  • WhatsApp: 0559 96 77 07;
  • Online Chat Chat2desk;
  • The appeal issued in the Book of complaints and suggestions;
  • Apply for a personal reception to the heads of the GO Bank or the Director of the branch. The reception is carried out during the Bank's business hours, in accordance with the approved schedule posted on the website and/or on the information stand. A member of the Bank's Management Board supervising operational activities, branch directors are required to conduct a personal reception of consumers. At a personal reception, a meeting protocol is kept, signed by the consumer, or after mandatory notification of the consumer, an audio or video recording of the meeting is made.

III. The order of maintenance and operation of the Book of complaints and suggestions

3.1. In each division of the Bank there is a Book of complaints and suggestions (hereinafter referred to as the Book.

3.2. The book should be placed in a place that is visible and accessible to consumers (information stands, etc.).

3.3. In the Book, the consumer can leave a review, complaint, suggestion, gratitude, everything related to the work of the Bank and its employees is indicated in Appendix No.2. The Book template may change as needed.

3.4. The Book is presented at the first request of the consumer who wants to make an entry in the Book (hereinafter referred to as the Applicant). It is prohibited to demand from the Applicant the presentation of identity documents or an explanation of the reasons that caused the need to make a complaint, suggestion or comment.

3.5. All consumer complaints must include the surname, first name, patronymic of the Applicant, contact details (phone number or e-mail) and the essence of the complaint with a specific request or question. The personal signature of the Applicant and the date of the appeal are affixed to the written complaint.

3.6. Written requests of the consumer, in which there are no personal and contact details, as well as the postal address to which the response should be sent to the applicant, are recognized as anonymous and are not subject to consideration. A written request from a consumer containing obscene or offensive expressions, threats to the life, health and property of a Bank employee, as well as members of his family, may be left without consideration.

3.7. Repeated appeals of consumers, in which new arguments or circumstances are not given, may be left without consideration, provided that exhaustive answers have been given to previous appeals and all necessary measures have been taken.

3.8. Consumer appeals are considered no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt.

3.9. The response to the consumer's request concerning the provision of financial services is signed by an authorized person of the Bank. The response to the consumer based on the results of the review is given in the same language in which the client applied.

3.10. The response to the consumer's request is sent by registered mail with a notification of receipt, or by e-mail (if the consumer has indicated this channel as the most desirable for receiving feedback), or is delivered personally to the applicant. It is possible to use several ways to send a response at the same time. If several consumers have applied to the Bank in writing (a collective appeal), the response is sent to the address indicated in the appeal first, unless otherwise indicated in the appeal itself.

3.11. If a written response was sent to an appeal from the Book of Complaints and Suggestions (at the request of the consumer), then a note is made in the Book of Complaints and Suggestions about sending a response in writing, indicating the number of the outgoing letter and the date of dispatch.

3.12. Appeals left in the complaint books bearing the nature of suggestions for improving the office equipment are considered without providing a response to the consumer. Information about the measures taken is reflected in the Complaint Book in the section "Measures taken".

3.13. The note on the measures taken to address consumers from the Complaints and Suggestions Book is reflected by the responsible employee of the branch directly in the Complaints and Suggestions Book itself.

3.14. If the application contains issues, the consideration of which is not within the competence of the Bank, the consumer is given an explanation about further application to other bodies in the appropriate manner.

IV. Privacy

4.1. All information received by the responsible employees of the Bank, including in the form of responses to requests to state authorities, local governments or other organizations during the consideration of appeals, is confidential information, except for information reflected in the Book of Complaints and Suggestions, due to its public availability.

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