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"Bank of Asia" congratulated the sponsored veterans on The International Day of Older Persons

1 October 2019

The feat of war veterans is, first of all, the history and memory of the combat brotherhood, courage and heroism of soldiers of all nationalities who, sparing no effort and life itself, fought for the freedom and independence of countries. The great victory unites and bonds together all states and nations.

"Bank of Asia" does not forget its sponsored veterans and quarterly visits them to provide financial assistance on February 23, May 9, October 1 and the New year. And this time, on October 1, in honour of the day of the elderly, the Bank's employees visited their sponsees.

Living conditions of the elderly persons are different, as well as their destinies. Some of them lead an active life, working in public organizations, and the health of others, unfortunately, increasingly often fails them. Someone, not wanting to come to terms with the circumstances and age, discovered a new hobby, as for example, Orekhovskaya Irina Pavlovna – a veteran of labor and excellent education, embroidering paintings of amazing beauty, in which the hand of a real artist can be traced, although she spent most of her life teaching history at school.

Bekkeldiev Cholponbek Ismailovich-a veteran of the Afghan war, a participant of the military clashes in Batken, with a lot of services to the Fatherland, teaches military training at school number 37 and dreams of opening a small Museum there because he has long been collecting items that reflect the history of wartime. His great desire is that every student could see live combat attributes of the war years: uniforms, combat badges, orders, military helmets, telegraphs, mugs, fake grenades, weapons, with which the great victory of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers was reached.

A very difficult life of the veteran of the second world war Krupin Yuri Borisovich, who is now 93 years old, caring for his adult daughter with cerebral palsy. His wife passed away a long time ago and he himself has to take care of his sick daughter. His only thought is not to leave this world before his daughter. Who would take care of her if he was gone?

All these meetings with the heroes of war years, with different destinies, persuade the Bank's employees to help and support the elderly. We also urge all those who are not indifferent to be attentive not only to veterans but also to the elderly people around us. Provide them with all possible assistance and support.

The Bank's team wholeheartedly congratulates all elderly people on the holiday! Day of the elderly persons unites all generations, reminding us of the inextricable link of times.  We express our deep respect and gratitude to the elders for their life experience and wisdom, which they pass on to us - the younger generation from year to year.

Long life, cheerfulness and optimism! Good health, prosperity, comfort and warmth! Let there always be loving, caring and close people.

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