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Bank of Asia together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) held a number of events within the framework of Global Money Week

31 March 2021

Bank of Asia together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) held a number of events for students of Ala-too and ADAM universities.»For the third-year students of the Faculty of Finance and Credit of the Ala-Too University, an online training and a quiz "Kahoot" were organized. During the training, the children were told about the importance of being financially literate, how to start creating your own financial cushion, about accounting for expenses,as well as additional ways of income. After the online training, the students participated in the "Kahoot" quiz, which resulted in the winners being determined. All participants and winners received certificates from the Xiaomi store, as well as souvenirs from the bank.

In addition, from 22 to 27, an online marathon "$CHALLENGE" was held for students of the Faculty of Economics of ADAM University. During the week, participants recorded their daily expenses, saved a small amount, took coffee/tea with them, even turned off the lights to save. After all, the habit of saving lies in the little things. Every day, students received "useful" messages, life hacks, and support to help them reach the end.All participants of the online marathon "$CHALLENGE" were presented with gifts, and the most active-books to improve financial literacy.

We express our deep gratitude to our partner – the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for the support and certificates provided, as well as to the students for their active participation. We remind you that these events were held as part of an annual large-scale campaign conducted in more than 175 countries around the world to improve the financial literacy of children and young people.

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