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Make instant payments by QR code

12 January 2023


Dear customers,

we are pleased to inform you that our Bank acts as a representative of the operator of interaction for making payments using two-dimensional barcode symbols (QR code). Thus, all participants of the financial market are given the opportunity to make payments by means of a QR code at all our points of TSP (POS terminals).For representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, the ELKART Trade mobile application has been developed and launched, which will allow individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to accept cashless payments using a QR code.

For information: the ELKART Trade mobile application is a simple and convenient service for accepting cashless payments. To accept a payment, you need to print or display a QR code on any mobile device, which allows customers not to enter data and easily make payments. In addition, there are payment links that can be sent to customers through any convenient communication channel. All payments are made online (24/7/365). After the payment is made, a PUSH notification is immediately sent, and the amount paid is credited to the card, which also allows you to track the status of accepted payments.

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