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Victory Day greetings

9 May 2023

Victory Day greetings

We always greet this great memorable day, Victory Day, with a hint of sadness!

We celebrate another anniversary of Victory Day. Despite the fact that this day is farther and farther back in time, the victory has great historical significance for our motherland. Today there are so few people left to whom we can personally say "thank you" for this feat. We would really like the present and future young generations to honor and respect this important day and all that stands behind it.

Today we thank our grandfathers for their heroism and courage, for the peaceful sky and the smiles of children - it is priceless. We want to wish everyone more kindness, health, peaceful days, true friendship and boundless faith in yourself and the best in the world.

We wish to live under a peaceful sky, appreciate the time and happiness of every day, take care of our Motherland, protect our loved ones, and meet the joyful holiday of Victory every time with a bright fireworks and loud applause!

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