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State Development Bank Credit

Borrower's status

Entrepreneurs working under a patent/ PE certificate, legal entities

Income requirements

The period of existence of the business is not less than 12 months.

Term of consideration of the credit Application

No more than 14 days

Credit amount

From 10,000,000 KG soms to 150,000,000 KG soms

Credit term

From 6 months to 96 months

Credit currency



9% p.a.

Purpose of the credit

Projects aimed at diversifying and stimulating the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, creating jobs and equalizing the economic development of regions (except for trade activities of no social significance), namely:

  • investment project financing;
  • acquisition / renovation / modernization / increase in the capacity of fixed assets;
  • acquisition of commercial real estate, including land plots for construction;
  • repair of fixed assets, installation and technical support of equipment;
  • project financing;
  • refinancing of the borrower's current debt of the Partner Bank is allowed provided that the refinanced credit was used for the same project to be financed under the Program and the amount of refinancing should not exceed 30% of the credit amount;
  • working capital replenishment is allowed in the amount of up to 15% of the credit amount, but only on the condition of project financing (new line of business of the client, start-up business);
  • Stimulating the attraction of investments in the development of national enterprises;
  • import substitution potential/export potential of the product;
  • creation of additional jobs;
  • increase of budget revenues in the form of tax payments;
  • energy saving and energy generation projects;
  • green economy and sustainable development projects;
  • development of Creative Industries Park, E-Commerce Park and IT Park.

Repayment schedule

Annuity payment, individual

Credit collateral

Real estate and if necessary movable property, goods in turnover.

Mandatory surety:

- Owners of the legal entity, if the credit is drawn on a legal entity, and vice versa;

- Guarantee of co-owners/partners in the business, if any.

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Annual rate

monthly payment

Total amount of payment transactions

Loan amortization schedule

Loan principal accrued interest Amount payable НсП Outstanding loan balance

These calculations are approximate. Ask our credit experts for more accurate estimates.

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